Sunday, November 15, 2015

JGE 46 - No-Knead Breads - NOT A Fail. Period.

Good Day,

In JGE 45 I wrote that I thought my attempts, because of my screw-ups may have caused my new No-Knead loaves to have bombed.

Two loaves of bread fresh from the oven; White (left) and Whole Wheat Sourdough (right). Both No-Knead loaves #54 and #55.

Well I can say that # 54, a White loaf did NOT fail Period.

I thought I screwed up when I was baking the bread, but lunch certainly proved me wrong.

Lunch sandwich – Fresh slices from Loaf #54, Pork, Provolone, Pickles, and Mustard. Maybe I will succeed in this No-Knead Artisan Bread challenge.

And so the first tasting is done. Definitely not a loss. Next #55.

Jim's gotta eat. Enjoy,


JGE 45 – No-Knead Breads - Possible Fail

Good Day,

Guess I am trying to be an Artisan. But I may use (definitely not out of humility) a lowercase “a”, artisan.

The definition – A worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand; (of food or drink) made in a traditional or non-mechanized way using high-quality ingredients.

I have two No-Knead loaves in the oven.  And the bell on the time just went for the first 30 minutes. Means I have to take the tops off.

And I just noticed that I screwed up this morning. The oven reads 400° F. Should be 450°.

Well the tops go back on. Temperature goes up to 450° F, and in for an additional 10 more minutes.

And now I just noticed when the 10 minute bell chimed, I really screwed up. I panicked. I did not press the <Start> button on the oven.

At this rate Jim’s gonna starve. And if these do not work there’ll be another #54 and another #55.

On the left, a White loaf. On the right, a Whole Wheat Sourdough. Oh yes, I made my own starter; I call if Fred. Fred’s a couple months old and has been working tremendously well.

So I am supposed to wait sit and wait for another 15 minutes at 450° F. I am going to give in to a couple of more minutes.

And who ever said that trying to create a 66-times effort habit was not necessarily a chore may want to rethink their strategy. But I will not be getting my uppercase “A” in my road to enlightenment and artisanship-ness.

Oh yeah, I’ll let you know later…maybe never, whether loaves #54 and #55 ever turned out.  I just took them out of the oven.

They look good.

Loaf #54 - White

Loaf #55 - Whole Wheat Sourdough

Do they taste good?