Friday, November 15, 2013

JGE 15 - Crustless Mini-Quiche and French-Fries

Good Day,

Truthfully I did not want to deal with either making pie or pre-made crust. I just had a hankering for something a wee bit more fancier than ham-'n-eggs. And don't get me wrong but I really like ham-and-eggs. I like ham-'n-eggs for breakfast, lunch, supper and I linke ham-'n-eggs in-between. I thought that I would want some quiche, without having to go to the bother.

After searching the Internet, I found 46,200 results on Google for "crustless mini-quiche" recipes and 108,000 results for "crustless quiche" ones. The question is with 154,200 recipes for almost the same thing, (same thing in my mind), where would I start?

I read a couple and learned that the key ingredients were cheese, eggs, and milk. Okay... but I wanted to add some ham. There was some sliced prosciutto and some sliced in that drawer in the fridge, you know the drawer with all the cheeses and the sliced meats.

I noticed that a lot of the recipes on line cooked their crustless mini-quiches in cupcake pans. The one on Food Republic site looked like something quick and easy.  And it looked appetizing.

I prepared the cupcake/muffin tins/pans. I lined each one with either a slice of prosciutto or one of ham. I beat the eggs with some half-and-half, grated/shredded Swiss cheese, chopped up black olives, green onion, salt and pepper.

Next I filled the each of the lined tins about 3/4 full with the egg/cheese mixture.

Into the oven to bake, at about 350°-375° F. Cooked them for about 14 minutes.

The ham-'n-eggs mini-quiches, of sorts, didn't last too long on the plates.

Eat and enjoy,


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