Saturday, January 31, 2015

JGE 25 – Banana Grand Marnier Challah French Toast

Good Day,

Last night I had a sweet craving. I wanted something different for supper. I hankered for something that was completely away from meat and potatoes. I had a craving for French toast.

And of course it’s me, and I just didn’t want French toast that was a “let’s-dip-the-bread-in-scrambled-eggs, fry-it, and and-serve-it-with-Maple-Syrup-French-toast”. I wanted something different and quick

After searching online for a bit I noticed a number of French toast recipes using Challah Bread. I decided to borrow the recipe I found from Tori Avey.

So I got me a loaf of Challah bread from Publix.

My ingredient list: Strawberries, Orange Juice, Sugar, Challah bread, Eggs, Milk, Grand Marnier, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar, Salt, Vanilla, Flour, Salt, Sweet Butter.

First I sliced the Strawberries and combined them in a bowl with some Sugar and Orange Juice. I let that sit for a while.

Next, in a blender I combined the Eggs, Milk, Grand Marnier, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar, Salt, Vanilla, Flour, and Salt. I poured that mixture into a glass baking dish. I cut the bread into 1-inch slices and put some butter into a medium warm frying pan.

Oh yeah, I warmed up the oven to 200°F so that I had someplace to keep the cooked slices warm while I continued cooking.

I soaked the Challah bread slices in the egg mixture in the glass baking dish and then threw a couple of slices into a buttered frying pan.

I cooked them until I thought they looked done and then place them in on the baking ray in the oven.

Once completed I placed a couple of slices of French toast on a plate, spooned over some Strawberry Orange mixture.

And then ate.

Damn was that plate of Banana Grand Marnier French Toast good. And I mean good.

And did I mention that my early morning blood sugar count dropped 7 points?

What can I say? I love to eat.


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