Wednesday, May 13, 2015

JGE 37 - Quiche in a Mug, Sort-of

Good Day,

You know that sometimes, a lot of the times, most times, I do not watch the clock and the time creeps up on me and it's time to eat supper and I say to myself


You ever had one of those days?  (And I talk a lot to myself.)

Well last night was one of them.

And this time I was prepared for it. I had been researching and checking out a specific type of recipe on the Internet and on YouTube, a recipe to make a quick Quiche in a Mug. And I was shocked how many, 25,600 hits, I found on Google Web Search for the phrase "Quiche in a mug". The phrase "Quiche in a coffee cup" hit 1,760 results and "Quiche in a Cup" 14,500.

So guess what I made last night?

That's right I had a not so bad, actually quite good, Quiche in a Mug, sort-of supper last night.

Oh yeah I sprinkled it with some freshly ground pepper. Next time with a nice green and/or watermelon salad.

Jim's gotta eat.



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