Saturday, May 23, 2015

JGE 38 – Pasta alla Norma alla Smith

Good Day,

A recipe that I have never heard of before...not that that means that I am a walking encyclopedia of cooking techniques and recipes. Pasta alla Norma. I saw a picture in The New York Times, Mark Bittman's recipe, and I decided about a week ago that Jim's gotta eat and definitely try this one.  (The picture to the right is my creation.)

An Internet Google search of the phrase "Pasta alla Norma" produced 228,000 results.

I got myself a great looking eggplant from Urban Oasis.  And I had, more or less, all of the ingredients here in the house.

Pasta all Norma is a Sicilian dish, purportedly named for the opera Norma by Vincenzo Bellini. One could say a vegetarian meal, is something I would make again.

My concoction - Pasta alla Norma alla Smith. Jim's Gotta Eat.

Ingredients: Linguine, Eggplant, Mushrooms, Chilies, Tomato Pasta, Olive Oil, Vegetable Oil, Parmesan Romano Cheese, Salt, Oregano, Parsley. Filling and delicious, and who’d a think that eggplant could be so deceptive…in a very positive way.

Sliced eggplant fried in olive and vegetable oil. Removed from pan and not drained.

Oh yeah, my early morning blood sugar count dropped 15 points to 99.

And who was Norma?

"Simple to make and yet classy enough for a first course in a serious dinner, Pasta alla Norma was so popular in 19th century Sicily that it was named after Sicilian composer Bellini's hugely successful opera Norma to honor both the dish and the opera, whose perfection matched each other in the eyes of Nino Martoglio, a famous Sicilian theater director. It kept the name."

And Jim's gotta eat.



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