Thursday, March 12, 2015

JGE 33 - Korean Shrimp Kimchi and Green Onion Pancake

Good Day,

I decided that I wanted something completely different. Hell I'll try any food that's different. Whether I'll like it or not... the adventure is in the trying.

Did I ever mention that I love food?  And this time I wanted to create meal fast.  (Yes I know that the English purists will insist on "quickly".)

For something new, I decided that I wanted to try cooking something with Green Onion Pancakes.  I had seen packages of them time and time again at my favorite Asian grocery store, MD Oriental Market on Flower Avenue in Tampa.

I had no clue as what to do with them and a quick Internet search offered me many ways to make them from scratch.  But the ones at the Market were pre-made and frozen.  Step number one, I bought a package.  Instructions for preparation appeared to be very simple...and without the mess.

But how in the hell do I use Green Onion Pancakes in a meal? Another Internet search and I found a number of Korean versions of shrimp and green onion pancakes.  I settled on a Korean Shrimp Kimchi and Green Onion Pie trial.

Apart from the Green Onion Pancakes I had some Shrimp,

Baby Bok Choy,

and Garlic.  Even thought the recipe did not call for Baby Bok Choy or Garlic, I couldn't see what I would lose out if I included them.

At Whole Foods I was able to pick up a jar of Wildbrine Korean Kimchi.  
I know that at MD Oriental Market there are rows of various types of Kimchi. 

And so with a fry pan set on the stove top I began the browning, in peanut oil, of the Green Onion Pancakes. 

I turned the oven on to warm so as while I cooked the pancakes I could keep them warm.

With a second fry pan, I threw the shrimp and garlic into some peanut oil, stir-fried and then removed the shrimp to a warm plate.  Next I pitched in the chopped up Baby Bok Choy and about half the jar of Kimchi.

I kept the heat on low and attempted to reduce the liquid by about half...  Oh and just a note for a second time, I'll probably use a bit of chicken and/or vegetable broth to cut down the somewhat strong vinegary taste of the Kimchi.

And to plate - Two Green Onion Pancakes topped with a couple spoonfuls of the Shrimp, Kimchi and Baby Bok Choy mixture. 

This supper was a completely different treat. Would I try it again? Hell yes...

All I can say is Jim's Gotta Eat.

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