Wednesday, September 11, 2013

JGE 5 – Guisado de Pollo

Good Day,

And there are times when I that I do like to try something completely new.  From time-to-time I want to try a dish and recipe that I have never ever tried before.  But of course, I do not want to be stuck in the kitchen for too, too long a period of time, especially at this present time.  My kitchen is in a state of disrepair because of the recent broken water pipe and I am waiting, and waiting on adjusters, contractors, and the insurance company.

But I will keep my cool, and transpose myself from my kitchen here in Tampa to some small cupboard kitchen in some apartment five stories up. Just don't ask.

From I came upon a picture and a recipe for Guisado de Pollo.  The image is a great one and I thought that it just looked like something that I would want to reproduce, and of course, eat.  Now don’t get me wrong… I am not a naïve cook that I realize that whatever comparable facsimile of a recipe that I am able to construct I will never, and I write never, be able to make my attempt to look, and I say look like the image of the meal and dish.

First of all, and even though I have a working knowledge of Spanish, I had no idea what Guisado translated to.  I did know that there was a possibility that Guisado de Pollo was and should be something to do with a chicken; Pollo (pronounced poi-yoh) - Chicken (pronounced - cheek-in).  I immediately learned that Guisado translates literally to stew.  Okay I have found a new recipe, new to me that is, for Chicken Stew.

But do not expect a regular chicken stew, the type with the cream sauce and dumplings.  This Guisado is sort of tangy and definitely light.  The only oil that I used is one tablespoon of vegetable oil and the oil that is sort of rendered from the chorizo sausages.  From my kitchen, I used two types of Chorizo sausages, fresh and dried.  The Chicken is all thigh meat, already skinned and deboned.  These are the proteins; Chicken and Chorizo.

The rest of the ingredients included about 2 pounds of Yukon Gold potatoes; three small Carrots; one Red Bell Pepper; two small Onions; one Jalapeño Pepper. I used eight cloves of garlic; one teaspoon each of Cumin and Thyme; three sprigs of Cilantro; the zest and juice of one Lime; one can of Pineapple tidbits; one can of roasted diced Tomatoes.  Couldn't find Chilpotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce at the grocery story, so I used a tablespoon of Chilpotle sauce.  And of course Chicken Broth.

While the Chorizo and Chicken were cooked, I prepared the remainder of my mise en place. And yes I used my iPad to provide me with my reference recipe.  I've never created this type of dish before. I needed guidance.

The Chorizo and the Chicken are removed from the pot and set aside to cool… The chopped carrots, red pepper, and onions are all placed in the heated oil and cooked until tender. Next the Jalapeño pepper, minced garlic, cumin, thyme, pineapple, tomatoes, the Chilpotle pepper sauce; the cilantro and the juice of the one lime are added.  After a couple of minutes the chopped up potatoes and chicken broth are added.  I then toss in the Chorizo and the chicken, which I shredded with a fork.

This is the now the easy part.  The mixture is brought to a boil and then the heat is turned down low and left to stew for about 30 minutes.  The smell and odor wafting through the house is amazing.

At about the penultimate moment there are still two more ingredients to add.  I throw in a couple of tablespoons of capers.  Then I spoon out the Guisdao de Pollo into bowls.  A dollop of sour cream is added to each bowl.  Sliced Cuban bread and we eat.  Delicioso…

What can I say?  A little more time, about two hours, but I learned something new, Guisado de Pollo.  And there were nary a complaint as the bowls were licked cleaned.

I did enjoy,


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