Saturday, October 5, 2013

JGE 10 - Spicy Pasta, Bean and Sausage Sort of Soup

Good Day,

Okay this old Hubbard goes to the cupboard to check out the shelves.

Two cans: Diced Tomatoes and Chickpeas, and a half bag of Strozzapreti pasta. In the refrigerator, Italian Chicken Sausages and half a bag of Baby Spinach. I want something good and something filling for supper.

I googled - "Sausage, Chickpeas, Tomatoes, and Pasta". One million, six hundred and fifty thousand hits... The Internet the space-age electronic cookbook.

The top of the list is a link to Yummly... Spicy Pasta, Bean, and Sausage Soup. Why not?

Not Barilla.

And the Devil Dog, Radar, checked out for his helping on the stove.

And this one was quite easy.  First the sausage chopped up and browned in some olive oil and then I added some chopped onions and garlic.  Next I poured in the can of diced tomatoes and I drained and added the chick peas.  I wasn't sure if there may be too much liquid but as this was to be a sort of a soup I figured that I could add some chicken broth after the fact, especially to cook up the pasta.

I adjusted the seasonings with some salt and pepper.  After a couple of minutes, I think about eight, I checked the pasta to make sure that it was just al dente.  Next I threw in the baby spinach.

But of course to serve I had to toss on some Parmesan cheese.

This was good, light, filling, and definitely a quick fix.

I did enjoy,


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