Friday, October 11, 2013

JGE 11 - Quick and Easy Ground Beef and Sweet Potato Supper

Good Day,

This day I didn't want to spend too much time in the kitchen nor did I want to spend an excessive amount of time at the stove. I just wanted to make something quick, good, and easy.  I figured that I would from the gathering of the ingredients to the sit-down-to-eat take about one hour.

Max always sits patiently for me to drop some morsel.  Please some more...

Today's ingredients... Ground beef in the freezer, sweet potatoes and onion on the butcher block, broccoli and baby spinach in the crisper, and Jasmine rice in the pantry. Also to add - garlic, salt and pepper, cornstarch and water.  Ground beef was thawed earlier. I peeled and cubed the sweet potatoes and chopped the onion and garlic.

No, this is not a baby bottle sterilizer, even though I think those contraptions went by the wayside many, many moons ago.

This is my steamer gizmo. It has three individual layers and compartments. For this meal I only needed two of the layered compartments; one for the rice and one for the broccoli.

While the rice and the broccoli were steaming I cooked the ground beef, the onion, the sweet potatoes with the garlic, salt and pepper.  I added the mixture of cornstarch and water and then the baby spinach. The only thing I had to do after preparing my ingredients was to make sure that I timed the starts and cooking of each.

Everything done and cooked, we ate in one hour.

And I enjoyed,


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