Saturday, October 12, 2013

JGE 12 - Part III - Scotch Bonnet Spread

Good Day,

I still have a bunch more of them thar Scotch Bonnets. And I mean a bunch. This time I started off with the idea that I wanted to make some Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce. Well that what I thought I was going to make...

The ingredients were some what easy, I mean easy, to obtain here in Tampa. Scotch Bonnets, (and there still is a bowl full remaining), Cho-cho or Chayote, carrots, onions, ginger, garlic, Allspice, oil and vinegar.

The green things are the Cho-cho, albeit Chayote. I have not eaten, actually I have had a mental aversion to, Cho-cho for about half-a-century. I just have recollections of not enjoying eating them as a young boy. Something to do with being stringy because they were old. But what the hell, the recipes that I was surveying included Cho-cho and I figured that the heat and spice from the Scotch Bonnets would certainly mask any perceived Cho-cho negatives.  (And it does...)

And I chopped up and prepared all my ingredients. In the above image, from the bottom up: Scotch Bonnets, Cho-cho, carrots, and onions.  To the right, top down: garlic, Allspice, and ginger. Upper left: Vinegar and my blender.

Next the heated oil in the pan and toss in the onions. Then everything else is thrown in. I think the total cooking time was about 20 minutes. Then the cooked ingredients were all placed into my blender with some vinegar. With everything I had, I put in about 1/4 cup of vinegar.

Most of the other recipes I read instructed that I should then strain out the pulp and drain the sauce. Well after seeing the smooth thickness of what I had blended I thought "Why? What would be wrong if I kept the pulp and all?"

And yes it does look like mustard, but I can assure you there are no mustard seeds or yellow dye added to this experiment. The Scotch Bonnet Spread appeared to be more than passable. And from the processed ingredients I was able to bottle five pints.

I have now used my Scotch Bonnet Spread on a number of types of sandwiches and roll-ups. I have used it instead of butter, and I tell you that there is a little bite to the Spread. It is definitely something I could eat over and over again.

And I still have about two dozen more Scotch Bonnets, and I've got some more ideas.

I am enjoying,


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