Thursday, October 3, 2013

JGE 9 - Part II - Scotch Bonnet Pepper Pickles

Good Day,

Well I said in my first Scotch Bonnet Peppers' post I have started to work on some recipes and experiments that I thought may interest my palate.  I have a lot of Scotch Bonnets, thanks B&J, and I figured that there was no way that I would be able to eat one every single day for the next two months with every meal.

Just an fyi for any who have never eaten a Scotch Bonnet Pepper, it is somewhere about 100 times, give or take, hotter than a JalapeƱo pepper.  And this is about as hot as I will go.

The first recipe I found definitely intrigued me.  It isn't sauce but it is a fast and easy recipe to make pickles using the Scotch Bonnets and a number of other ingredients.  The recipe that I discovered is called Extreme Caribbean Pickles from

And I had a lot of the ingredients as indicated by Chris De La Rosa's posted recipe.  Of course I did twist the amounts and added some other stuffs.

Obviously I included Scotch Bonnet Peppers and then a number of Red Thai Chilies and one green hot long pepper.  This is going to be one hot concoction.

Green papaya, bitter melon, garlic, carrots, limes, Clementines, salt, Kosher salt and pickling vinegar are the other ingredients.  (I didn't take a picture of the Clementines or the carrots.) And then everything is prepped and sliced and chopped.  Now to stuff the pepper pickle salad into the Mason jars.

Looks like the amount I chopped and sliced up can fit into two quart and one pint Mason jars. Once packed into the three jars I topped each with some pickling vinegar.

I placed all three jars in the refrigerator, the one with the malfunctioning ice-maker, and I am gonna let them set for about 10 days to two weeks. I can tell you now that I grabbed one of the slices of carrot, just to taste, and I can assure you that this mixture of pickles is gonna be HOT... very interesting, but very hot.

I'm going to enjoy, and I still have about three dozen Scotch Bonnet peppers left over.


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