Friday, June 10, 2016

JGE 98 – FBS Increase 9 Points – My Kabocha Squash Dilemma

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Thursday is my volunteer day, and Thursday is the day that there is really no planning to what I eat. And because of the no planning I can always guarantee that my early blood sugar will increase somewhat. I usually get my lunch and supper from Whole Foods and then top off the evening with something I quickly throw together when I get home. And sure enough, I recorded an increase of 9 points to 106 mg/dL.

Thought I would take a different direction today and discuss my latest attempt to grow Kabocha Squash.

I discovered the Kabocha Squash a couple of years ago. The one major thing I like about the Kabocha Squash is that I do not have to worry about cutting and/or removing the rind. The rind is edible. I really like pumpkin and squash but I find it a pain to cut and remove the skin and rind especially of the varieties that have that hard-type shell of a rind.

The above Kabocha squash is almost 4 pounds.

The description at Wikipedia is just about right. The “Kabocha is hard, has knobbly-looking skin, is shaped like a squat pumpkin, and has a dull-finished, deep green skin with some celadon-to-white stripes and an intense yellow-orange color on the inside.

It is super easy to grow. I stuck two Kabocha seeds from the last one I had into the planter that I have a Thai Chili Pepper plant and a Habanero plant growing in. Well guess what? The seeds sprouted and the ensuing vines are now growing on the deck near my pool.

And I have this wonderful idea that I could train the vine to grow up one of the supporting poles and maybe cross-over to the next one. The vines are doing exactly that.

Question - How the hell are 3 to 4 pound Kabochas going to hang from the ceiling?

Another benefit apart from being able to eat the skin, the Kabocha squash has less than half of the carbs of the butternut squash – 7 grams versus 16 grams.

If you a somewhat timid about trying some new foods a quick way to prepare and fix is to bake some slices of Kabocha squash, skin and all sprinkled with Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper.  The taste is amazing

Oh yeah, this morning’s results –

FSB – 106 ↑ up 97 (Normal range 100 – 125 mg/dL)
A1c – 5.36 ≡ 5.36 (Normal range 5.7 – 6.4 %)
eAG – 107.1 ↓ down 107.2 (Normal range 117 – 137 mg/dL)

Tune in tomorrow to Jim’s Gotta Eat to see the comparison of the results...and the set up a new Supper Showdown.

Food for thought – Try not to eat too late in the evening. Manage the amount of food that I eat. Do not over eat because my eyes see good food.

I am trying to control my diabetes with exercise and food. I have eliminated all diabetes medication. I am keeping my weight stable, and Jim's gotta eat.



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