Monday, May 30, 2016

JGE 89 – FBS Net Decrease 20 Points – Mojo Pork and Black Bean Caesar Salad

Good Day,

This morning I recorded a net decrease of 20 points to 107 mg/dL to my early morning blood sugar count.

I decided that I was going to throw together some sort of Caesar Salad. Ingredients - Romaine Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Garlic, Buttermilk, Lemon Juice, Olive Oil, Parmesan Cheese, Salt and Pepper, and leftover Mojo Pork with Black Beans and White Rice.  (Yes, MW, LD, and MCB I made my own Buttermilk Caesar Dressing.)

Actually wasn’t bad. I had two helpings. And some freshly baked Whole Wheat Rye Bread.

(BMS, the Rye bread, the one on the right, had a greater portion of Caraway seeds this time.)

Caesar Dressing . Carb count ≈ 7.4 grams.

Romaine Lettuce. Carb count ≈ 3 grams.

Tomato and Onion. Carb count ≈ 7.5 grams.

Mojo Pork. Carb count ≈ 4.5 grams.

Black Beans and Rice. Carb count ≈ 30 grams.

Rye Bread. Carb count ≈ 12 grams.

Total carbohydrate count for Mojo Pork Caesar Salad and Rye Bread approximates 64.4 grams.

And then, of course, a couple of scoops of B&J Phish Food. Carb count ≈ 78 grams.

Total carb count in my Supper Showdown, somewhere in the vicinity of 142.4 grams.

Results –

FSB – 107 ↓ down 127 (Normal range 100 – 125 mg/dL)
A1c – 5.37 ↑ up 5.36 (Normal range 5.7 – 6.4 %)
eAG – 107.4 ↑ up 107.2 (Normal range 117 – 137 mg/dL)

Tune in tomorrow to Jim’s Gotta Eat to see the comparison of the results...and the set up a new Supper Showdown.

Food for thought – Try not to eat too late in the evening. Manage the amount of food that I eat. Do not over eat because my eyes see good food.

Oh yeah, the numbers are an approximate and I use them as a guide. This Smith is not a biochemist nor a microbiologist.

I am trying to control my diabetes with exercise and food. I have eliminated all diabetes medication. I am keeping my weight stable, and Jim's gotta eat.



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