Tuesday, May 31, 2016

JGE 90 – FBS Decrease 7 Points – Pseudo Chicken Waldorf Salad

Good Day,

This morning I recorded a decrease of 7 points to 100 mg/dL to my early morning blood sugar count. And that’s the positive news…

Last I decided with some left over Rotisserie Chicken, a couple of Apples, Iceberg Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Celery, Plain Yogurt, Mayonnaise, and Walnuts to make a quick and pseudo Chicken Waldorf Salad.

I didn’t take an image of the supper concoction I made, so I “borrowed” the one from Watching What I Eat who in turn “borrowed" it from America’s Test Kitchen.

And I didn’t have any grapes (-13 grams of carbs)… that’s the thought behind the substitute of tomato (+ 10 grams of carbs) and onion (+ 10 grams of carbs).

Chicken Waldorf Salad. Carb count ≈ 53 grams.

And I can’t forget a couple of scoops of B&J Phish Food. Carb count ≈ 78 grams.

Total carb count, somewhere in the vicinity of 131 grams.

Results –

FSB – 100 ↓ down 107 (Normal range 100 – 125 mg/dL)
A1c – 5.37 ≡ 5.37 (Normal range 5.7 – 6.4 %)
eAG – 107.3 ↓ down 107.4 (Normal range 117 – 137 mg/dL)

Tune in tomorrow to Jim’s Gotta Eat to see the comparison of the results...and the set up a new Supper Showdown.

Tonight's possible supper menu - Thai Chicken with Basil and Spicy Thai Cucumber Salad.

Food for thought – My numbers are not based on any critical scientific measurements.  I just Google search the dishes and the ingredients to come up with my approximate.  Seems to do the trick for the controlling of the numbers.

I am trying to control my diabetes with exercise and food. I have eliminated all diabetes medication. I am keeping my weight stable, and Jim's gotta eat.



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