Saturday, May 7, 2016

JGE 76 – FBS Up Net 19 Points – Baked Swai and Russet Potatoes

Good Day,

My early blood sugar count has climbed over the past couple of days by 19 points to 116 mg/dL.

Last night supper showdown menu – Baked Swai and Russet Potatoes with a Spinach, Tomato and Onion Salad. And no ice cream for dessert.

But I did have a late night snack of Crackers and Peppered Goat Cheese.

Baked Swai and Russet Potatoes was a tremendous meal.  Sliced Russet potatoes first baked and then the Swai filet placed on top.

Swai is the Vietnamese catfish as opposed to the type of catfish, the garbage scows and bottom eaters, which I used to catch, avoid the back fin spike and then throw them back in the water.



Swai cannot be legally marketed as catfish in the United States. The Southeastern Asia Swai can also be known as Shark Catfish…but they are not a shark. Confused? It’s Swai.

Beginning Monday I manage my supper menus and snacking habits, once again. Once diagnosed with Diabetes the management of my diet has been a consistent and continual redo and redo and redo.

Results –

FSB – 116 ↑ up 97 (Normal range 100 – 125 mg/dL)
A1c – 5.36 ↑ up 5.35 (Normal range 5.7 – 6.4 %)
eAG – 107.1 ↑ up 106.8 (Normal range 117 – 137 mg/dL)

Tune in tomorrow to Jim’s Gotta Eat to see the comparison of the results...and the set up a new Supper Showdown.

Food for thought - I am trying to control my diabetes with exercise and food.  I have eliminated all diabetes medication.  I am keeping my weight stable, and Jim's gotta eat.



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