Wednesday, April 6, 2016

JGE 52 – Going Down – Frittata di Pasta Reduces FBS By 8 Points

Good Day,

Last night’s supper dropped 8 points on my early morning blood sugar take. My FBS is 98 mg/dL.

Last night supper was definitely a stretch. I pulled out some a leftover pasta casserole from the freezer and then I prepped it with 3 beaten eggs. I created a sorry looking Frittata di Pasta.

It was a trick flipping it from one frying pan to another. And I forgot to take any photos of the concoction. And even though it was not the best looking Frittata di Pasta it did taste okay.

And it looks like the attempted homemade Frittata di Pasta took own the previous night's Shrimp Carbonarra.

You could say that this was what it should have looked like –

but it didn’t…

Not great, but respectable and definitely satisfying.

My calculated A1c is at 5.38 (no reduction) and the eAG at 107.6 (down 0.2). Gotta work to bring those down again. At January 1 they registered at 5.24 and 103.8, respectively.

Tune in tomorrow to Jim’s Gotta Eat to see the comparison of the results...and the set up a new Supper Showdown.

Food for thought - I am trying to control my diabetes with exercise and food.  I have eliminated all diabetes medication.  I am keeping my weight stable, and Jim's gotta eat. Enjoy.


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